Make the Judah Paul
yours for the day!


Our private charters accommodate parties of up to 6 people

Our private charters insures your fishing with just your family or friends.

you get the whole boat for the day and you make the call on target species depending on season.
Rock Fish:                          $1,450.00                                          

Salmon:                              $1,200.00

Halibut:                              $1,200.00

Tuna:                                   $2,000.00

Crab:                                   $500.00

Combination:                    $1,450.00

Rock Fish Combination:  $1,600.00

California Halibut:            $1,200.00

Fillet fee per Rock Fish Limit:   $15.00


Includes combination fishing (pick 2 species), breakfast (coffee and pastries), lunch, drinks.



  • Each trip includes 8 hours on the water or when you reach the species limits, whichever comes first.
    Tuna trips include 10+ hours of fishing.


  • Extra time on the water is at the captain’s discretion.


  • Trips are 6AM to 2PM or when limits are reached, whichever comes first.

  • Tuna trips could be dawn till dusk


All trips are subject to change or cancellation due to
weather and/or unforeseen conditions