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Judah Paul Sports Fishing is a heartfelt tribute to Captain Steve’s son, Judah Paul, and a realization of a lifelong dream. Despite the heartbreaking loss of Judah Paul to a sudden death, Captain Steve and his family have learned that life is too precious to be filled with regrets. They honor Judah Paul’s memory by naming the company and the boat after him, living each day to the fullest, pursuing their dreams, and seizing every opportunity to fish. It’s a testament to their resilience and determination to honor their beloved son and live life to the max.


Get to Know

Judah Paul Sports Fishing is not only a life-long dream come true for
Captain Steve, it’s also a homage to his son, Judah Paul. Sadly, it took
losing Judah Paul to a sudden death for Captain Steve and his family
to realize life is too precious to live with what-if’s. They honor Judah
Paul by not only naming the company and the boat after him, but also
by living each day to the fullest, chasing their dreams, and fishing
every chance they get.
Captain Judah Paul

About the Captain

Captain Steve Helton is a seasoned expert in charter boat fishing, backed by a plethora of certifications and qualifications. As a U.S. Coast Guard Master and holder of a Merchant Marine Captain’s license, Captain Steve ensures his guests a safe and enjoyable fishing experience. With CPR and first aid certifications, he prioritizes the well-being of everyone on board.
Captain Steve’s fishing expertise spans the beautiful west coast, from Fort Bragg, California, to Newport Beach, Oregon. He is well-versed in open-water, guided, and northern California fishing. His contagious enthusiasm for fishing and in-depth knowledge of the ocean in his stretch of waters make him an encouraging and helpful guide. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a beginner, Captain Steve’s unwavering passion for fishing will make your charter boat fishing trip an unforgettable adventure.

About the boat

Introducing the all-new Judah Paul – an impressive 31-foot by 10.5 foot vessel sure to captivate you. Crafted with durable solid fiberglass, this formidable boat boasts unmatched stability on the water. Powered by twin Yammer diesel engines, Judah Paul delivers reliable and robust performance for an unparalleled boating experience. 

With ample deck space, you can enjoy unrestricted movement and breathtaking views. The spacious cabin provides generous storage capacity, a private enclosed flush toilet, and freshwater sinks for added convenience during your voyages. But that’s not all – Judah Paul is equipped with cutting-edge, state-of-the-art electronics that truly set her apart. Featuring dual Garmin displays, a plotter (fish finder), GPS mapping, radar, autopilot, VHF radio, and all the safety gear that meets USCG requirements, including life jackets, EPIRB, life raft, and more, Judah Paul is the epitome of style and sophistication for all your boating adventures.

Judah Paul Sport Fishing boat in California
Judah Paul Sport Fishing boat in California

About the boat

Welcome to the launch of the new Judah Paul. she is a 31′ by 10.5′ very
stable solid fiberglass, powered by twin Yanmar diesels with lots of
space on the rail. Large cabin for storage with private enclosed flush
toilet and fresh water sinks. The new and state of the art electronics
Fishing poles

Fishing Success Unleashed: Gear and Fish Pairings that Make a Winning Team

We meticulously select our gear to ensure your sport fishing trips in Eureka, California, are the best possible experience. We are proud to offer high-quality equipment that is reliable, easy to use, and specifically tailored for a successful fishing trip. Our gear includes top-of-the-line Daiwa Saltist 2-speed and single-speed reels and Penn and Okuma rods, all designed to handle the demands of sport fishing in the Eureka area.
Our Cannon electric downriggers are equipped with responsive up/down push buttons, allowing for precise control and efficient fishing techniques. We also maintain a comprehensive selection of tackles to ensure that we are prepared for any fishing circumstance that may arise during your trip. Whether you are targeting tuna, trophy fish, albacore, halibut, rockfish, salmon, or other species, our gear is up to the task.
In addition, our vessel, the Judah Paul, features a dedicated live bait fishing well, enhancing your sport fishing experience in Eureka and increasing your chances of success. With our well-maintained gear and extensive experience in sport fishing, you can trust that you will be equipped with the tools necessary for an enjoyable and successful trip in the Eureka area. Our goal is to provide you with an unforgettable sport fishing experience. We take pride in the quality of our gear and the expertise with which it is used during trips in Eureka, California, located in Humboldt County.